Sometimes, it takes the biggest effort to save the smallest life.

Kitten 911 Rescue is the cat program of PALS East Bay, lead by vet tech and cat behaviorist, Katie Carney.  The team rescues, rehabilitates, raises and re-homes orphan kittens into new forever families.

Katie and her team of "kitten commandos" embark upon harrowing life-saving missions to help the most at-risk felines: neonatal kittens and feral or special needs cats.  There’s no stopping the team from saving a precious little life!  When the phone rings, the team jumps into action -- not knowing what challenges they’ll face in the field. 

From climbing up 40-foot trees to crawling into spider-y subspaces under abandoned houses … from bottle feeding starving newborns 24/7 to performing delicate medical interventions …  to carefully interviewing potential “fur-ever” adopters … Kitten 911 Rescue provides the massive efforts that save the tiniest of lives.

Devoted to helping the community within the bounds of our resources (and we ALWAYS need more fosters, more funding, and more awareness) Kitten 911 Rescue is determined to save the world … one kitten at a time.


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