Here are just a few resources to help pet owners, or those of you who have rescued an animal and don't know where to turn. You can always contact us at for advice.

I need help re-homing my pet, what should I do?
We always recommend you try everything in your power to find your pet a good home, rather than take him to a shelter. That is the last resort. Bad Rap has some great tips and resources: We may also be able to do a courtesy post for you.

I found a lost dog or cat in Oakland, what should I do?

If you can, try to find the owner using signs and Craigslist and the like. You should also see if the animal has a microchip (a vet or shelter can help). Bad Rap has some great tips: . You can also take the animal to Oakland Animal Services. Make sure they have your contact information and can contact you for follow up.

I am concerned about some feral cats, what should I do?
Fix Our Ferals and Feral Change are a great resource.

My pet has some serious behavior problems, what should I do?
There are several terrific trainers in the Bay Area. We are happy to recommend. Contact us at: 

Where can I find low cost (or free) spay and neuter?
The East Bay SPCA has discounted spay and neuter available and it is free for Pitbulls, and heavily discounted for Chihuahuas! . Contact PALS for assistance with spay and neuter too!

I'm having a hard time paying my pet's medical bills, what should I do?
We have seen many people successfully raise money through "crowdfunding" using sites like GoFundMe. You can also look into some vet hospital programs that give assistance, like Banfield:

The East Bay SPCA also offers some discounted preventive medical care: 

I'm trying to find a place to live that will accept my big dog, what should I do?
e're always interested in learning about rentals that accept dogs of any breed. Recently (11/14) some community members suggested the following locations, though we cannot vouch for them: Neptune Gardens, Alameda; Allegro Jack London (but won't take Bully breeds); Civic Square Pleasanton; Oak Park Manor, Pleasant Hill, Flora Apartments, Walnut Creek.